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Industry Prospect
●The rapid development in recent years due to the comparatively lower operating costs and enormous market or China.China gradually becomes the center point of semiconductor packaging.In 2007,China will exceed Taiwan that occupy 30% worldwide market.
● Major companies like intel,IBM,and Infineon will inctease their investment in China.
● MMC like JiaCheng,Infineon,Fairchild and Asus etc,totally more than 1600 companies established their plants in Suzhou Industrial Park.
● Shanghai Pudong designed a 22 km square micro-electronics zone where almost one hundred companies engaged in semiconductor R&D,design, manufacturing, packaging and testing. The total investment of these companies around 10 billion US dollars which occupy almost 50% investment of the industry in China.
● TaiwanTaiwan company –JingZhan invested 250 million US dollars in NanChang Economic Development Zone to establish an electronics zone where will be the biggest semiconductor packaging region in the central area of China.
● The leading chip producer in Germany –Infineon announced that they will invest 1 billion US dollars in Suzhou before 2013 for a joint-venture wafer packaging plant.
● China formally start its‘Semiconductor Lighting Plan’ in June 2004. According to the anticipation of US Power Resource Bureau, around 2010, 55% of incandescent lamp and light bulbs will be replaced by semiconductor light that save 35 billion US a year. Japan also announced that they will replace most of the traditional incandescent lamp by semiconductor lighting since 2006.
● Existing domestic post-packaging testing factories are accelerating their actions:Amkor, chippack, Fujisu, ChangDian, HuaTian etc., are expanding their capacity. [+] According to the comments of the expertise of the semiconductor industry,there will be 10-20% growth worldwide in this year and next year. The consumption of bonding wires reaches 10kkg in 2006.
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